Lawn Size                                 Price Per Application

  1,500 Square Feet                            $38.00

  2,500 Square Feet                            $42.00

  5,000 Square Feet                            $54.00

10,000 Square Feet                            $76.00                 

Competitive Pricing:

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Fungicide Applications - Seeding & Aeration

Additional Services:

Broadleaf weed control and insecticide for lawn damaging insects are included with the basic program and will be applied any time a problem exists at no additional charge. However, due to severe grub problems found on Long Island, we highly recommend preventive grub control as this is the only way to avoid initial grub damage to your lawn.

Please Note:

1. Spring  Fertilizer - Pre-emergent crabgrass control. Broadleaf weed control.

2 . Late Spring  Fertilizer - Pre-emergent crabgrass Control - surface insect control. Broadleaf weed control.

3 . Summer Slow release granular fertilizer.

G . Preventive Grub Control - Grubs are a common problem which can be prevented with this application.

4 . Early Fall Granular fertilizer - Broadleaf weed control and grub control as needed.

5 . Late Fall Granular - Fall fertilizer desiged to strengthen your lawn and prepare it for the water.

L . Lime - We recommend lime in the fall due to the low soil PH typically found on Long Island.

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